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Please note that all testing will temporarily shut down at the close of business on December 14, 2020, so any unused testing applications must be used by that time. Testing will reopen on or before January 29, 2021.

MECP testing occurs in one of two ways: At a Prometric test center using a pre-scheduled online appointment or testing with an approved MECP proctor. All candidates, regardless of the path they choose for MECP testing, must complete the registration process here and specify how they wish to test. Following completion of the registration process and approval, a registration confirmation email will provide your Eligibility ID information and next steps to take your MECP exam.

Want to search out a Prometric test site location before you register? No problem. Click here to visit Prometric and click on "Locate a Test Center" to find a test site near you using a zip code or post code. Remember, this function is only checking for a test site and availability. You must still register here to gain an Eligibility ID to be able to schedule any appointments with a Prometric test center.

If you have already taken an MECP exam, login to check your certification status, verify your CEA License number or update your personal information. Use the "Get Started" button below to check if your email address from a prior exam session is already in the system.

Please do not create a new account if you already have one or have tested with MECP before. Any new account will not link to an existing account. If you have a certification history and an existing CEA license number, starting a new account and registering from that account assumes you have no prior MECP history. If you know you have tested before but can't recall the email address you used, if that email address is no longer accessible to you or simply are having difficulty accessing your existing profile - please email mecp@mecp.com for assistance.

Need more general information about MECP? Click here to visit the MECP website.




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